What Our Users Have to Say About Us...

"AutoMATE? Couldn't do what we do without it!"
      James LaValle,   Clevenger, Frable, LaValle

"I use AutoMATE on 100% of my projects and would not be competitive without it. AutoMATE is a powerful program without equal in the industry."
      Robert Freeman,   Compass Group

"AutoMATE is the only full-featured, start to finish design software available to Foodservice Designers. AutoMATE provides the power and flexibility to produce Drawings faster, more accurately, and with consistent appearance..."
      Leonard Winton III,   Strategic Equipment and Supply

"I could not have had the success that I have had without AutoMATE. It has allowed me to do the work of three people from day one."
      John Mace,   Mace Murphy Design Group

"Never could I have anticipated how powerful AutoMATE is and how productive its capabilities could be."
      Joseph J. Merlino,   Merlino Associates

Increase Your Productivity and Profitability with AutoMATE

From Design Concept through Construction Documents, AutoMATE FSE Design is based on a central concept: Increasing your Profitability through Increased Productivity and Accuracy. Here are some of the features you'll find in AutoMATE FSE Design:

High Productivity - the DNA at the Heart of AutoMATE
Every Tool and every Command in AutoMATE is designed for increased productivity: Built-in Project File Manager automates your Project file management; Parametric-driven symbol creation automates creation of new KPIcons, everything from simple Work Tables to complex Chef’s Counters; Rough-ins use Rule-Based logic to quickly generate full MEP drawings in a fraction of the usual time; Automatic Schedule and Note generation; and customized Text and Annotation Tools for a consistent finished appearance for your drawings.
Improved Accuracy - Reduce or Completely Eliminate Errors
Rough-ins are generated using the intelligent data in the KPIcon symbols; the only way you can miss a rough-in connection is to intentionally Omit it. AutoMATE includes many ‘Review - Check’ tools, some of which run automatically as certain commands are used: Check for untagged symbols, for unconnected utility connection points, even check for adequate Hand Sink coverage and Ice Machine ceiling clearance. And the ‘Check Schedule <-> KPIcon Coordination’ command checks for complete coordination between the Equipment Schedule and the actual KPIcons on the drawing.
Ease of Use - Concentrate on Your Design, not Computerese
Designed and developed by a foodservice design professional, AutoMATE FSE Design works the way you do. Command Menus and Toolbars are grouped in a logical order for quick selection. Commands work in an intuitive way using easy-to-understand prompts and dialogs. And user input is based on industry terminology, not abstract CAD concepts. AutoMATE let’s you concentrate on design, not command syntax and procedure.
Improved Coordination - All Data Associated with Symbols is Cross-Linked
All of the drawing elements related to each KPIcon - the symbol itself, the item identification target, all rough-in components, schedules and notations - are cross-linked to each other. Move a KPIcon and the item number target and all rough-ins move with it. Erase a KPIcon and all of the related elements are also deleted. And if you use Global Edit to change the voltage and phase of a rough-in, all the related objects are automatically updated - even the rough-in symbol.
Drawing Consistency Plus Flexibility - Customize AutoMATE with Your Standards
AutoMATE FSE Design places walls, equipment symbols, rough-in symbols, schedules, notes, and virtually every other entity on the correct layer automatically. Every AutoMATE KPIcon, whether provided with AutoMATE or User-created, is consistent in layer organization, orientation, and intelligent features. AutoMATE also includes many User-defined settings that enable each AutoMATE User to customize both the appearance and content of their drawings, including even the phrases used in Schedules and Notes.
Improved Workflow and Manpower Utilization - Manage Your Projects Better
All of the major functions in AutoMATE FSE Design include built-in status review functions. If you invoke the Schedule or Rough-in commands, AutoMATE automatically checks for untagged items and, if any are found, reminds you that these items will not be included. Add and tag a new item and if a schedule has been created, AutoMATE reminds you to re-run the Schedule program. And a major advantage with AutoMATE is the ease with which any CAD operator can assume work on a project that was started by another, even if rough-ins have been started but not finished. Start the rough-in program and AutoMATE automatically searches for the next item to be roughed-in.
Intelligent Symbols plus Intelligent Programs - An Intelligent Solution
The basis for many of AutoMATE’s Automatic programs is the structure of KPIcons, AutoMATE’s intelligent foodservice equipment symbols. Each KPIcon contains virtually every type of data that identifies the item: Manufacturer and Model Number, Description, Specification, and all of the Utility Connection Point requirements. One use for this data is by the rough-in programs to generate a recommended rough-in for each connection point. And this data is updated as various tasks are performed - the ‘actual’ rough-in data is added to the ‘default’ data during rough-ins, so Schedules and Notes reflect the actual requirements.